East Transcona Trail to Downtown

East Transcona Trail to Downtown


Route Details

  • Hop onto the Transcona trail from you place going west
  • As you come along behind the Casino, look for a right turn in the path. It will take you to Almey and across 59
  • Head through the Lowes parking lot to Panet
  • Right on Panet for one block then left on Munroe
  • Take Monroe to the NE Pioneers Greenway
  • Left on the Greenway to Riverton
  • Right onto Riverton, left onto Brazier
  • At the end of Brazier turn right and then a quick left to get you up on the MUP to the MUP bridge
  • Left after the bridge and a quick right on Annabelle
  • At the end of Annabelle take the River Trail right and follow it until you reach Bannatyne

Link to Google Map – https://goo.gl/maps/YGbFj7mGDTakF5vo7

Note: The Google Map shows the route exiting the Transcona Trail onto Transcona Blvd but as the route above indicates, cross Transcona Blvd and stay on the trail past the Casino and look for the right turn leading to Almey.

Download map and details