2021 will be the 11th annual Bike Week, an event that got its start from start from Winnipeg’s first Bike to Work Day back in 2007. After several successful years of Bike to Work Day, the Steering Committee felt it was time to focus on promoting bike riding for everyone rather than limiting its target audience to commuters. Why? Because we want to change the culture of riding bikes from just a select group of people to everyone that likes riding their bike. We want to make riding a bike normalized and more accepted as a form of transportation. Here’s a bit of background:


The idea for Bike to Work Day Winnipeg originated in 2007 when a group of bicycle commuting enthusiasts chose to host an event to raise the profile of cycling in the city of Winnipeg, encourage people to try riding to work and advocate for improved cycling infrastructure. Similar events have been held throughout North America including events like Bike to Work Week or Bike Month. In 2011 the event was reformatted to invite multiple organizations all over Winnipeg to help host the event. By allowing various groups in Winnipeg to host a pit stop, the event’s profile was raised and it became more accessible to commuters in all corners of the city. Registration and participation boomed in both 2011 and 2012. Building on the success of 2011 and 2012, Bike to Work Day expanded programming and event locations again in 2013 by adding more pit stops and introducing countdown events that catered to businesses, families, and students. This success of these efforts led to the first Bike Week In 2014 and we have not looked back since.


In 2017 Bike Week Winnipeg was incorporated and we continue to look towards growing and expanding our board, our planning partners and our volunteer base. You can help us by getting involved. For highlights from past years please visit: